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When you prepare in the morning to go to work, the main thing is speed. If you want to know what hairstyles will make it easier for you to change your look to go to work, follow this guide.

The search for the perfect hairstyle to go to work is sometimes complicated. And there are many features that we look for in the perfect hairstyle for day to day: easy to do, fast, serious, cool…. The list is endless but here we bring you the 3 hairstyles that will take you out of any hurry before going to the office.

‘Messy bun’

The ‘messy bun’ or undone bun is a very comfortable option to go to work that will also give you cool air that will make you fall in love. That is why it is the favorite of Parisians!

To do this, you simply have to pick up your hair at the top of your head. It will be easier if you put your head down and hold the entire mane. You can also do it lower, everything goes according to taste! Then, twist the hair until a bun forms. Once you have it formed, fix it with the help of a bunker or bun hairpins. Finally, open the bun by pinching some strands to give it the casual finish you’re looking for. That easy!

High ponytail

Sometimes, the easiest is the most appropriate. To go to work, a tall ponytail will get you out of any trouble. It will take you a minute to do it before going to the office and it looks good with any look. If you want an extra style, take a lock of the inside of the ponytail and turn it around the catcher to hide it. The best? This hairstyle works with both straight and curly hair so you won’t have to worry about using the irons in the morning. In addition, this simple hairstyle will give you extra security. Check it out at the next meeting you go to!

Lateral braid

When we work, we usually look for hairstyles that collect our hair to prevent hair from bothering us during the day. For a few seasons, braids have been a trend and we don’t seem to forget them soon, so why not take them to work?

The fastest will be to make a side braid. To do this, take all your hair aside and braid as you would usually. Finally, fix the hairstyle with a small rubber and disheveled the braid by pinching some strands. Besides giving you a more relaxed finish, it will give a visual effect of a hair with more volume.

We know that the morning routine is not the easiest thing in the world, especially when we are in a hurry. Therefore, these hairstyles will help you take the time before going to the office more calmly. If you still look for more inspiration, on YouTube channel you can find several tutorials of super simple hairstyles to do. Do not miss them!

What hairstyles for work do you usually wear?

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