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If you have straight hair and are planning to change your look, you surely want to know which are the cuts that take the most. Find out because they will surprise you!

  • Straight bangs

Until a few months ago, the straight bangs seemed outdated but now he returns very strongly. This season takes the height of the eyebrows and with all kinds of mane. Who said you could only wear long hair? Try it with a half mane to get a very modern look. You’ll love it!

  • Bob never fails

The bob cut has become an essential staple and one of the most requested hairstyles at the hairdresser. The last seasons got more structured with perfect straightening but if you want to follow the trend, forget about that. Bet on natural finishes, with undone and imperfect waves that will give texture to the hairstyle. You will not fail!

  • Weathered mane

Another cut that never fails but is renewed this season is the weathered mane. Now it is worn just below the shoulders and with a long paraded bangs. In this way, you will get the volume that it costs so much to find when you have straight hair and you will have endless possibilities when combing your hair.

  • Pixie

If there is something that is clear in the trends of haircuts, it is that short hair is fashionable. Therefore, the pixie cut has returned with more force than ever and the most daring influencers have started to take it. If you dare, fight it with a retrofuturist hairstyle using a wet effect hairband. You will catch all the eyes!

A haircut is not enough if the hair is not healthy. Therefore, in addition to cleaning it through the scissors, it is important to follow a routine of care that strengthens and keeps you hydrated. For this, we recommend the Fructis Plain & Brillo range. Its formula with argan oil and vegetable keratin facilitates straightening and protects the hair fiber. Accompany the Smooth & Shine Shampoo of your Smooth & Shine Conditioner and the Smooth & Shine Mask. After using it, your straight hair will be stronger and brighter than ever. You’ll love it!

Now that you know which straight haircuts you wear the most, which one convinces you the most? If you have straight hair, we want to know what your favorite cut is, surely you have good ideas!

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