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If you have not yet dared to dye yourself, it may be because of everything you have heard about the coloring. Here we tell you what is true and false in all those myths. Read carefully!

The coloring has many adherents who resort to it for different needs: covering gray hair, changing looks or giving reflections are some of them. However, there are many myths surrounding coloring. Find out what’s true in them.

  • It is better to dye dirty hair

So is. The reason why it is better to apply the dye on dirty hair is that the natural hair oils allow creating a more adherent base to the color. Thus the dye will cling better to the hair and the result will be better.

In addition, these oils also act as a protector and soften the effects that can be dyed: itching, irritation, etc…

For these reasons, it is recommended to dye your hair after 48 hours since the last wash.

  • All dyes last the same

False. Each shade of dye contains different color particles, which can affect the duration of color on the hair. Reddish tones, for example, require larger molecules, so it costs more to penetrate the hair and end up disappearing sooner.

  • The dye dries the hair

It depends. Although it is true that dyes are chemicals that can weaken your hair a bit, it depends on the product you use. Nutrisse’s formula, for example, includes 3 oils (avocado, olive, and blackcurrant) to intensely hydrate the hair. When using it, you will notice soft and nourished hair, you will not have to worry about dehydration of your hair.

  • The dye smells bad

It doesn’t have to. The Olia de Garnier range does not include ammonia for a more pleasant smell. In fact, when you try it, you will enjoy a sensory experience where textures and smells will hook you. The best? This range visibly improves hair quality, so you won’t have to worry about your hair getting damaged.

  • There are no products for dyed hair

Lie. In fact, it is recommended to use products suitable for colored hair to maintain the tone for longer and with more intensity. If you have dyed hair, you can try the Fructis Hair Food Goji mask. In addition to being ultra nutritive, its formula allows rekindling the brightness. And, healthy and hydrated hair will retain color better and last longer. Test it!

Surely at some point, you have heard some of these myths but you know what the reality is. If you did not dare to dye yourself for any of them, we hope it has helped you.

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