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That the root braid has been a lifelong trend is something undeniable. You probably have childhood memories with your mother making you the braid. Well, this hairstyle has never left us and returns to be more present than ever so, if you still do not know how to do it, here are our tips.

Of course, our mothers had a special ability to make them look perfect. If you have never known how to make a braid root, which is not the same as a braid tang, the time has come to end your doubts. Despite what it may seem, this type of hairstyle is very easy to do. Test it!

How to make root braids step by step

As for almost everything, there are also a lot of ways to make a root braid. For a mere practical matter, if you have somewhat frizzy hair it is important that you previously brush and straighten it with the 10-in-1 Smooth & Shine Cream while drying with the dryer. But don’t iron it! It would be so smooth and so soft that, when making the root braid, the strands would slip and not look as good as you would like.

  1. To start, select the front strand of the top of the head, without reaching the temples, a little less. That is, what the bangs would occupy backward. That same strand you have to divide into three as if you wanted to make a normal braid and leave the rest of the hair loose.
  2. Then, start braiding them in a normal way to gradually add hair from the sides to the strand you are braiding. That is, when you are going to pass the partition of right hair towards the center, include some of the hair that you have loose on the outside and the same when you touch the left partition. You have to repeat this movement until the end to get the elaboration of the root braid. It is about adding strands to the initial three to achieve the desired effect.
  3. So that the result is optimal it is better that you go helping with a comb to separate the strands so that they are with perfect and straight lines. In this way, the hairstyle will look perfectly uniform.
  4. When you reach the neck area, it will be time to tighten the braid. This is the area that is most at risk and the one that can destroy the hairstyle at any time. It is important that when reaching this step we apply extra strong lacquer, so the fixation of the root braid will be much greater and will remain flawless for longer.
  5. With the rest of the hair that is losing you just have to make a traditional braid. To pick up the end of the braid it is better that you use a very fine rubber the color of your hair or even a transparent one.

Practice and get your ideal hairstyle

If you have very long hair, you can fold the braid inwards and hold it with hairpins to give a different touch to your root braid, as if it were a low braided bun. You will get a very sophisticated hairstyle! You will be combing all day long without your hair bothering you

The best thing about this type of braid is that you can do it with all your hair, but it is not the only option. Try two, one on each side of the head. You will look more youthful and you will be very comfortable.

Do not be discouraged if the first time you try you make a mess, it is normal. If you don’t want to despair and prefer to rehearse before doing it on your own hair, convince your best friend to volunteer. This will be much easier for you and next time you will dare to make the braid yourself. You’ll love it!

If this braid is too difficult for you, check all the hairstyles with braids you can do. You’re sure to find yours.

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