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Surely you’ve straightened your hair with an iron-on occasion or even every day. The iron is a tool that is an indispensable part of the dressing table of many people and we understand it: it helps a lot in the daily hairstyle.

Probably this device has become your most faithful companion when it comes to getting perfect smooth or beautiful waves but, do you know how to smooth your hair with the iron correctly? Read on to answer this question!

The best iron doesn’t have to be the most expensive

Let’s start talking about the iron itself. The market offers a wide variety of products: we can find ceramic, tourmaline, titanium models and there are even steel plates! The prices are also very different.

Because we tend to think that the most expensive is the best, whenever we are going to buy an iron, we opt for the highest price, but that does not mean that it is the best and the least damage to your mane. In these cases, it is when it is convenient to ask for the opinion of experts since most of these think that the titanium ones are the best since they heat up quickly, they maintain the invariable temperature and with them, you do not need to give many passes. This is important when it comes to reducing the heat exposure of the hair and reducing, therefore, the mistreatment of our hair.

Before buying, find out and choose the one that best suits your needs. Do you need some advice? Opt for one with adjustable temperature. So you can adapt it to the hairstyle you are looking for and the state of your hair. The drier, the weaker it will be and you will have to resort to lower temperatures.

How to iron your hair without damaging it in the attempt?

If you are one of those who even knowing the damage caused by the iron to your hair can not give up its use, these tips will be very useful to damage your hair as little as possible:

  • The main thing that you will need, in addition to a quality iron, is a thermal protector. Even if you use products such as masks, creams, serums … None of them supply the thermal protector, more so in the case of dyed hair or with wicks. For this, we recommend the Cream without Rinse 10 in 1 Smooth & Shine that in addition to protecting the hair up to 230 ° C, facilitates its straightening. You’ll love it!
  • Many times we use a very high temperature thinking that this way we will iron the hair more quickly and we will do less damage by having to make fewer passes, but the truth is that, depending on the type of hair, you have to choose one temperature or another. Most irons let you choose from 160 degrees to 230. For thin, damaged and tight hair, you have to choose 160 degrees, for healthy and colorless hair 180 degrees, and for thick, unruly and healthy hair 230 degrees.
  • Never, never iron your hair while wet, as it is the time when your hair is most vulnerable and the damage will multiply considerably.
  • It tends to think that the more passes are applied to the hair, the better the result, because very bad. It is necessary to pass the iron the minimum possible times. When you get your hair to stay straight, stop!
  • It is also thought that, after ironing, you do not have to apply any product, since it can spoil the result or undulate it, but actually applying some serum or oil is ideal to sublimate the shine and leave it more polished, yes, you have to apply a small number of means to ends.
  • When it comes to straightening your hair, you should divide your hair into small strands, so you will get a better result than if you select large sections of hair. Once you pass the iron through a tuft, try not to do it again until it cools again.
  • Add the nutrients you need in each bath to your hair so that when ironing it is strong. To do this, try to use masks a couple of times a week. In Fructis we have a multitude of them, each one directed to a type of hair or a type of hair problem, find yours and be encouraged to try it!

With these tips, you will now know how to smooth the hair with the iron correctly, getting polished and perfect ironing that will last you all day, even two!

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