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Mahogany’s hair color is a classic that never fails. We tell you how to get this hair tone in this post.

If there is a color that surprises with its versatility, it is the mahogany hair color. And, no matter what your skin tone, if you try this tone, you will become addicted. You want to know why?

Color full of intensity

Mahogany is the perfect mix between a dark brown and a redhead. A tone is full of nuances that will captivate you by the halo of mystery that it gives off. The intensity of this color makes it perfect to cover gray hair without having to give up a trend color. Although it looks good at any age, it is usually the favorite of the most mature women for its rejuvenating effect. If you haven’t tried it yet, read on to find out how to get it.

This is how you get mahogany hair

In order not to get so sack, talk that it also suits both the lightest and darkest skins.

Dyeing mahogany hair is very simple and does not require long visits to the hairdresser. To do this, you simply have to get a coloring product at home that you will find in your usual supermarket.

If you have trouble finding the tone, we suggest the 5.5 Mahogany tone of Olia. In addition to the fact that this product covers 100% gray hair, it does not contain ammonia for a more pleasant smell. In addition, its creamy texture with its floral oils makes the experience of dying at home the most comfortable and also, pleasurable!

Remember that before you dye at home, you must take an allergy test 48 hours before. After those two days, you can proceed to dye.

To do this, you should cover your shoulders with a towel and prepare the mixture. Then, with a partition in the middle, start applying the product by the roots. Once you’re done, you can proceed with the rest of the hair. You will find it very easy thanks to its precise applicator and the creamy formula that does not drip. Once the product is distributed by your hair, simply follow the instructions.

Once you are done, you will have the sexiest mahogany hair color. This hair color looks great with any hairstyle but it will stand out even more if you undulate the hair. You will like it so much that you will not stop looking at your hair!

How about mahogany hair color? Have you ever taken it? If you decide to take the step, we want to know how your experience has been.

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