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Even if you don’t practice it often, International Yoga Day is the perfect excuse to take care of yourself and disconnect from the routine. So you can do it!

Every year on June 21, International Yoga Day is celebrated, a date was chosen by the United Nations that seeks to raise awareness about the benefits of this practice so widespread throughout the world.

And, yoga does not only help tone the body. In addition, it allows you to find a balance between the mind and the body and reduce stress. All the advantages!

It may be that the celebration of this date encourages you to start practicing it and become a yogi but there are other ways to celebrate this day.

  • Salt outdoors

This day is perfect to go outside and breathe. If you already practice yoga, why not take advantage of this date and do it in a park? That day a lot of hangouts of yogis are organized and in addition to practicing it in a pleasant environment, you will surely meet many people!

  • Pamper your skin

Daily routine and stress force us to maintain an accelerated pace that does not allow us to take enough care of ourselves. Take advantage of this date as an excuse to follow an extended facial care routine and forget about just washing your face and moisturizing. You can follow the Korean beauty routine, it will leave your face perfect!

  • Try mindfulness

Mindfulness is a practice closely related to yoga, so what better occasion to practice it than such a day? Stop and breathe, focusing on the present moment. If you want to know more about what mindfulness is, we will tell you in this post. It will hook you!

  • Take care of your hair

In addition to pampering your skin, dedicate International Yoga Day to taking care of your hair. You can do it combing it differently to look more beautiful but the most important thing is that you take care of it from the inside. What if you take advantage of the bun you make to practice yoga and moisturize your hair at the same time? You simply have to apply the Nourishing Almond Milk Mask. The hydration provides to your hair you will like, but its yogurt mask texture will hook you.

The range of Original Remedies Almond Milk. Its vegan formula with 98% natural ingredients will leave your hair hydrated.

Maybe you didn’t know when International Yoga Day was celebrated but now you have no excuse not to join this date. What plans will you make that day? Do you practice yoga? If so, we want to see your photos following your favorite asanas.

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