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Olive oil is a great ally of your hair if you are looking to have it hydrated. It has a lot of benefits that we tell you here, you will be surprised!

In addition to being a highly valued food in the Mediterranean diet, olive oil also offers a multitude of hair care properties. If you think that using it on your hair can grease it, you are very wrong! Once you try it, you will not go back.

  • It is antioxidant

This golden elixir has a high content of vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that helps protect hair from free radicals. Thus, it strengthens the hair and helps it grow healthy and strong.

  • Regenerates

Olive oil is regenerative and promotes hair growth. If you have weak or damaged hair, you will be surprised by the results of olive oil in your hair.

  • Goodbye frizz!

Being able to nourish the hair from within, this type of oil helps a lot to control frizz. With its use, you will be able to tame your hair even in the worst days. And is there anything more hateful than getting up and finding your frizzy hair?

  • A dazzling shine

Hydrated hair is shiny hair. With the use of olive oil in your hair, you will notice your healthier and radiant hair. Try it and surely everyone will ask you for your secret.

How is olive oil applied to the hair?

Olive oil is usually applied as a treatment once a week. A natural remedy that will help you have a perfect mane. To do this, it is recommended to extend it from roots to ends at night. Then, pick up the hair in a bun or a ponytail and let it take effect while you sleep. The next morning, you should wash your hair with two shampoo applications to remove it completely. Once you clarify it, you will discover a hydrated, soft and shiny mane. You’ll love it!

To take advantage of all the benefits of hair oil, we recommend the Mythical Olive range from Original Remedies. In addition to using the Mythical Olive Shampoo and the Mythical Olive Conditioner, you can give your hair extra nutrition with the Mythical Olive Cream Oil. The best? It does not require rinsing and does not cake.

Although using oil on your hair can make you think that your hair will grease, you should not worry. By properly nourishing the hair, it will balance the production of fat. Try it and you will convince yourself.

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